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All Sketchbox training sims are built for stand-alone VR headsets, which can be carried in daypack and work anywhere.

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With networked multiplayer and the ability to ingest any kind of 3D data, Sketchbox can simulate any scenario or exercise.

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We’ve created the building blocks, like design tools, to make creating VR training simulations substantially cheaper.

Idea to headset in minutes

Go from idea to a working VR prototype in minutes. Import your files, build your scenes, and transform your assets into a VR storyboard that everyone can understand. Finally you can design for AR & VR without using a game engine or engaging a developer.

Our Story

We’ve spent years developing technology which makes creating VR training simulations easier for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and 3M.

We’re headquartered in San Francisco and backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms in including YCombinator and General Catalyst.

Portable Virtual Reality training lets employees learn by doing, and produces better, more engaging training, with significantly lower costs.

Works with your existing tools

Your team already has 3D modelling tools and a game engine that they like working with. So we made sure that Sketchbox works with standard formats like OBJ. You can even export an FBX from Sketchbox to use in Unity or Unreal.