#1 design tool for AR & VR

Design applications in VR then present or interact with them.
Get a sense of scale and ergonomics without fighting a game engine.

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“Sketchbox is a great design tool for
AR & VR and it helps get from an idea to a prototype that an entire team can understand a lot faster.”
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Michael Ludden,
Director of Product, IBM AR/VR Labs
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“I think Sketchbox will eventually
become the ‘Sketch’ of VR and become a standard prototyping tool.”
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Lesley Klassen,
CEO of FlipsideXR

The best way to design for AR & VR

Sketchbox is the first design tool crafted for augmented and virtual reality. Stop waving your hands and using paper sketches to explain yourself. Instantly get a feel for your AR & VR ideas by seeing them in VR without writing code, or a touching a mouse.

Get approvals faster

Make clients and stakeholders comfortable with your plan by creating a VR storyboard. They’ll get a sense for what the finished experience will feel like. Easy to use controls allow anyone to make adjustments in real time, or add annotations. Perfect for VR prototyping and AR prototyping.

Go from idea to headset in minutes

Go from idea to a working VR prototype in minutes. Import your files, build your scenes, and transform your assets into a VR storyboard that everyone can understand. Finally you can design for AR & VR without using a game engine or engaging a developer.

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Good for your whole team

Sketchbox is so easy to use that your entire team can start using it in a few minutes. And with easy to add annotations, your entire team can give feedback - even non-technical people. Remove the friction of working together so your team can get more done.

Works with your existing tools

Your team already has 3D modelling tools and a game engine that they like working with. So we made sure that Sketchbox works with standard formats like OBJ. You can even export an FBX from Sketchbox to use in Unity or Unreal.

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“If you sketch it on paper, they don't get it... with Sketchbox I had people say ‘AHHH’ now I get why you do it in VR. And that’s a big deal...”
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Joe Milward,
AR & VR Lead at 3M
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“Sketchbox bridges the gap between 2D and VR, you can see the virtual environment first hand and customize it at will. You can quickly prototype and impress your clients.”
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Laurent de Laroche,
Technical Manager, EON Reality
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Google Poly

Import thousands of free models from Google Poly directly into your project or add your own models from Blocks/TiltBrush.

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Import Assets

Sketchbox is meant to be used with existing assets, so you can quickly import images, 3D models and 360° images.

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Smart Grouping

Quickly group objects together to create components that can be moved and duplicated. Especially useful for UI components, like menus.

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Export to FBX

Easily share finished sketches on any device by uploading to Sketchfab, or import them into your favorite game engine.

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Simply explain a user’s flow through an application by linking multiple sketches together. Good for VR design and AR design.

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Vector Drawing

Sketchbox has every vector tool you need, including a 3D pen tool, shapes, a polyline tool and drawing on  2D surfaces.

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